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Pacman 15.05.2008 22:15

English speaking Dr in Winterthur?
Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor (GP) in or around Winterthur?

And while I am asking, an English speaking dentist as well.



jacobian 16.05.2008 09:23

Re: English speaking Dr in Winterthur?
Dear Pacman,

I recommend Dr. Kreienbuhl. We found him very friendly and efficient.

Kreienbühl Rudolf
Dr. med. Facharzt FMH für Innere Medizin
Theaterstrasse 1, 8400 Winterthur


edotgilmore 11.04.2010 22:41

Looking for a doctor in Winterthur
Hello all, I am looking for a doctor in Winterthur. I have had some back pain as of late and would like to have it checked out.

Thank you so much.

jncohen 16.04.2013 17:15

A Good GP in Winterthur?
We are now living in Winterthur (postcode 8404) having come from the UK.

Can anyone recommend a good doctor for us?

I am 72 years old and I prefer to approach a GP that already has a really good reputation and who speaks good English. We are not sure how to go about this and do not know enough people here in Winterthur to ask.

Glenda Jackson 16.04.2013 19:05

Re: A Good GP in Winterthur?
Hello! I see you are looking for a doctor in Winterthur. I too come from the UK originally and now live in Winterthur, so maybe I can point you in the right direction ! A good starting point is the website WINTIMED, listing doctors in Winterthur. Since you live in 8040 which is Oberwinterthur, I took a look there and saw there is a group practice there called Aertzehaus Stadtrain Winterthur. They list, among others, two doctors who claim to speak English, French and German. Their names are : Dr.med. Daniel Grob and Dr. med. Reto Pampaluchi. I have no personal experience of either. It probably would be a good place to start, however,and if you ask for a recommendation to a specialist, that should not present a problem. Here is their address: Frauenfeldstr. 124, 8404 Winterthur. Tel. 052 242 88 88, and Email, aertzehaus@bluewin.ch I hope this helps. Kind regards, Glenda.

jncohen 16.04.2013 19:45

Re: A Good GP in Winterthur?
Thank you Glenda, but I do not really want to pick out Doctors just from a list, I value far more having personal recommendations. Perhaps this is going to be difficult, but I am still hoping. We do not need a specialist thank goodness we are in good health, but we would like to find a good Doctor.

How long have you been living here? We are from Birmingham and have been coming here for years - we did find a Doctor, that we have not seen often, but when we needed him, were very unhappy with our experience and will certainly not go back.

flow23 18.04.2013 06:55

Re: A Good GP in Winterthur?
haha, dr.grob! translated his name is dr.coarse

Aeneas 20.04.2013 10:05

Re: A Good GP in Winterthur?
Fortunately, I've not had much need for them, but honestly, after five years I've kind of given up on GP's in Winterthur. One worse than the next.

The only half decent experience I've had is with the Bellevuepraxis in Zurich, which is just five minutes walk from Stadelhofen bhf, that you can get to from Winti with the S12.

Wollishofener 20.04.2013 10:39

Re: A Good GP in Winterthur?

Originally Posted by flow23 (Post 1854695)
haha, dr.grob! translated his name is dr.coarse

you mean something like

Here of course the truth about this genius and pioneer

Guest 20.04.2013 12:19

Re: A Good GP in Winterthur?
I've sent you a PM. I have a GP in 8408 (technically Wulflingen, along the 7 bus line), she is fluent in English, she's on the ball, but also works well with my specialists. One of the issues in Winterthur is that some specialists take a long time for referral, so I've kept mine in Bern.

jncohen 20.04.2013 18:58

Re: Looking for a doctor in Winterthur
We are too! Have you had any luck? It is not easy to know how to find a good Doctor through recommendation, when one does not have enough contacts to ask. Please let me know if you have found someone yourself.

ameriswisslady 20.05.2013 17:59

Winterthur Doctor and Dentist Please?
We are living in Winterthur right now ( 7 weeks ) I am new to CH and my husband has been out of CH for years.
We are looking for a good general practitioner and a good dentist.

Any suggestions please?

Guest 20.05.2013 19:02

Re: Winterthur Doctor and Dentist Please?
Sent you a PM. Where in Winti do you live?

lucy11 09.06.2016 14:40

Looking for General Doctor in Winterthur
Hello everyone,

I'm new to Oberwinterthur and I'm looking for a good English speaking general practitioner nearby. I prefer not taking the train into Zurich but I have heard that the doctors in Wnterthur can be slow in sending you to a specialist. Anyone have a good doctor they can recommend or how I should go about finding one? Many thanks. Lucy

lutz.wiebe 09.06.2016 16:05

Re: Looking for General Doctor in Winterthur
Hi Lucy,

Welcome to Oberwinti :)

My better half always uses this doctor:

Dr. Wellmann-Voiculescu Ingrid
Frauenfelderstrasse 69
8400 Winterthur

Tel.: 052 242 14 40

otherwise you can just pick one from here:


Tonest 11.06.2016 23:55

Re: Looking for General Doctor in Winterthur
I can recommend :

Hausarzt-Praxis Winterthur
Can Ahmet Uygun
Facharzt FMH für Allgemeine Innere Medizin
Unterer Graben 17
8400 Winterthur
Tel 052 202 87 80
Fax 052 202 87 81

Guest 12.06.2016 14:26

Re: Looking for General Doctor in Winterthur
Hi - sent you a PM.

ValeC 18.09.2016 02:07

Pediatrician / child doctor in Winterthur
Hi all,
I tried searching but couldn't find any rec for Winterthur.
Does anyone know a good pediatrician in Winterthur?
Bonus points if it's closer to Oberwinterthur. I have a 2yo and we are moving back to Switzerland. Her old doctor was in Schaffhusen.


ValeC 18.09.2016 02:09

Family doctor in Winterthur
In line with my previous post - can anyone recommend a good family doctor in winterthur Oberwinterthur?
We are coming back to Switzerland and moving to the area and my old doctor was in Schaffhausen.


Alice K 18.09.2016 12:02

Re: Pediatrician / child doctor in Winterthur
We use Dr Lanzicher in Oberwinterthur, kids seem to like him.

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