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Evolver 13.12.2010 11:24

Re: Cute things kids say
Cameron, 3.5 years: "Maddie is sick...she's got Germans"

heatherdodd84 18.12.2010 05:22

Re: Cute things kids say
My three year old was holding his peepee and I said, "Trevor, go potty!"
He looked up at me still groping himself and said, "I don't need to go potty, I'm just tickeling it!"

Sky 28.12.2010 00:23

Re: Cute things kids say
As I'm always on the run, thinking about this, that and the other, I received some advice:
- Just for once.. try and do nothing
My teen immediately piped up:
- hey Mom, I can help you with that !!

JC1 28.12.2010 21:31

Re: Cute things kids say
Mum: What would you like on your bread?
2-year-old: Delphin (dolphin)
Mum (confused): no... we don't eat dolphin...

moment of realisation!

She wanted Philadelphia cheese, for which she has recently developed a love! Cue much laughter and many jokes about eating dolphin on bread etc!

Carlos R 04.01.2011 23:06

Re: Cute things kids say
We've just moved house a few days before Christmas.

On the afternoon of Christmas Day, my 4.5 yr old daughter:

her "Is it Christmas tomorrow?"
me "No, just today. Tomorrow is Boxing Day."
her - eyes wide - "Are we moving again?"

Castro 04.01.2011 23:44

Re: Cute things kids say
Something I overheard a little American girl say on the tram "Mommy, why is that man staring at me?" :confused:

P.S I wasn't that man :eek:

araqyl 05.01.2011 16:46

Re: Cute things kids say
I've got one I can remember and post!

3 y-o, in Barcelona zoo ... looking at a mountain goat enclosure, which also had some pigeons pecking around on the ground inside it ...
"Look! Tiger!"

We looked, inside the enclosure, at the neighbouring ones, at those on the other side of the path ...
"Do you mean the pigeons?"
"No, tiger!" *pointing towards the year of the mountain goat enclosure*
*Looks more closely ... spots a tabby cat* "Is that your tiger, behind the back fence?"
"Yes, tiger!"

Tried to get a good photo of it, but you know how tigers are ...

22 yards 11.02.2011 23:12

Re: Cute things kids say
Not cute, exactly, but at dinner my 3-year-old son looked at the chicken on his plate, picked up his knife, and said, "I'm going to cut it like a baby!"

Maybe there was a comma between "it" and "like", but I missed it. Now I have visions of an infant-slashing toddler rampaging around Basel. (And that hyphen is definitely there.)

readysteadygo 11.02.2011 23:27

Re: Cute things kids say
Daughter; after a spill on her bike, informed us that she had a "headache in her leg".

It was really very difficult to play the sympathetic parent at the same time as trying to hide the mirth.

22 yards 25.02.2011 22:02

Re: Cute things kids say
It had to happen ... eventually ...

I trudged up the stairs from the laundry in the basement (oh how I hate shared laundries ... but that's another story) into the apartment, muttering under my breath about the cow mean, bitter witch bearded hag elderly Swiss woman who lives downstairs from me and had dumped all my clothes in a damp heap on the floor because they were still drying (with 7 minutes left to go) when her 6-hour laundry slot commenced. My 3-year-old son heard me and asked, "Who are you talking about, Daddy?"

"Oh, just the stupid lady downstairs. Never mind," I replied. And not another word on the subject from the little guy.

Until ... six days later ... we left the apartment together, locked the door and started down the stairs. I think you've guessed it ... the hag was on her way up the stairs. As we approached her, a clear soprano voice rang out: "Is that the stupid lady, Daddy?"

I swear the echo in the stairwell lasted for twenty seconds.

Carlos R 25.02.2011 22:17

Re: Cute things kids say

Originally Posted by 22 yards (Post 1117234)
...I swear the echo in the stairwell lasted for twenty seconds.

Presumably echoing in multiple languages to ensure that everyone was able to understand...:)

nic80 25.02.2011 22:22

Re: Cute things kids say
My niece to my sister last week

"Mummy, my legs are running out of walk!"

lazylion 25.02.2011 23:25

Re: Cute things kids say
:) When my daughter was 4, I asked her "What came first- the chicken or the egg?". She said "The chicken".
Me: How do you know?
Her: Because you said it first!

That stumped me..

Another time, she asked me - "what is the meaning of life" when she was about the same age. I was trying to be philosophical about it when I realised that she was literally asking me the meaning of "life" to better her english!

Oldhand 26.02.2011 00:43

Re: Cute things kids say
I reminded Samia that it was "tidy up time" she said "I can't Lynn" and stood still with staring eyes, "I'm a statue" she said.:) At 3 years old!

Panther 27.02.2011 18:31

Re: Cute things kids say
My 2year old, was eating an apple for the first time, that wasn't sliced and de-stoned.......after a while, she handed the apple back to me :
'Mama, I dont want this apple any more!!'
'Why not?'
'Its full of nuts!!!' (seeds)

RTN 27.02.2011 19:33

Re: Cute things kids say
To my 4yo son
"Time for a sleep now" 4yo "I am too busy for stuff like that!!"
"How was childcare tody?" 4yo "That was a hard day, my back hurts!!"

Fidgety 04.03.2011 18:19

Re: Cute things kids say
I took my 4 year old daughter to the UK this week for the funeral of my uncle.

I had a little chat with her to explain what had happened (in child terms), and what would happen at the funeral.

I then said that it was a time where everybody is going to be saying 'goodbye to Uncle Bryan'.

In her 4 year old comprehension, she replied "Is he going to wave?"

Messi 04.03.2011 18:34

Re: Cute things kids say
When my neice was about 4 years old, she came across one of my sisters bra's in the laundry room. She piped up, mummy quick! put this on before your boobies get lost! :p

Guest 04.03.2011 19:33

Re: Cute things kids say
My OH about 3 year olds, to his dad in a London public toilet
'Daddy, what is a venerable disease?"

Fidgety 04.03.2011 19:51

Re: Cute things kids say
....Also whilst in the UK this week we had quite an amusing conversation which went like this....

My daughter: Mummy, I want to get married
Me: What?? ***shock horror*** Why??
My daughter: I want to be a princess (had recently been watching cinderella)
Me: You don't need to get married to be a princess and you need a boyfriend first
My daughter: Really, Why?
Me: Because you do!!
My daughter: Oh
Me: So where are you going to get a boyfriend

Moment of thought

My daughter: The boy shop
Me: (If only it were that simple), but they don't have boy shop's
My daughter: Oh, ok that's no problem, I will take someone else's boyfriend

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