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bigblue2 02.11.2010 12:54

Stress - how do you cope with it?
for various reasons, work, selling house, buying house etc for the passed few months I've been very stressed, with no signs of a let up until at least into next year.

So how do people cope with it?

Phil_MCR 02.11.2010 13:00

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
by just getting on with things and not getting stressed.

MusicChick 02.11.2010 13:04

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Uhmmm....have your family work around irregular work hours if that helps you, schedule in family fun time, some fun time just for yourself, some fun time for you and your wife only. I have had a thread about rewards, those are cool when you meet a goal you planned for yourself and family, really. A spa visit, hiking, intense sports. Gigs work for me and yarn, hahaha, cooking, needlecraft, good books, poetry, doing some interesting translation, chitchat with a friend. Just to change scenery is very important, a short train ride somewhere, slow down to the tempo of the local life works wonders. Swimming is good, too, getting a massage. You need to feel like you are heading somewhere, though, if you lose track of that, stress gets you. Your body needs to refuel, too, not just eager planning. Friends rented a challet in Chamonix, now they are the least stressed people I know, I am envious, they mushroom pick and write their theses there, while during the week they slave in Geneva. Art galleries, museums and movies are great for relaxing, it's meaningful, takes your mind of the routine stressful stuff.

02.11.2010 13:05

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I believe in laughing a lot so much that by the end I have forgotten why I was so stressed:confused:

jako 02.11.2010 13:07

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
"funny enough" am excactly in the same position as you - sold house in summer, now buying house, work really hectic with a looooot of travel and in addition a parent becoming cronically ill.. Not an easy year :mad:

I guess every one copes differently, and in general I tend to thrive with many balls in the air at the same time. But I also think a lot of these things are harder and more stressful when you are in a different country. - the house thing is under different customs, laws and language and on the family thing, you always feel you are letting them down by not being there enough.

What I have found is that it is super important to talk a lot with your partner or a close friend. Keep it open and don" allow things to boil up inside. Also allow yourself to go out and let your hair down (big time) once in a while.

We have also found that even though we could spend the time on the above, it is acutally important now and then to take a day or even a weekend away where you don't think about any of the above.

We are also lucky that the house we are buying is pretty close to where we live now. So once in a while we drive buy and look at the progress of build and enjoy the view to the lake. That makes the stress worth it.

Good luck - it will be worth it in the end


PS! Maybe we should sort a p*ss up for the stressed people....

Janite 02.11.2010 13:09

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I eat. But I don't recommend it:o

starshine 02.11.2010 13:14

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Having a dog was supposed to be the solution
you do have to do walks that way and hikes
however having the neighbors complain about her changed that around
I recommend Yoga
it is a very ancient way of balancing
i could not survive without it
get a CD or DVD and ommmm

Nil 02.11.2010 13:18

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I am a stress person. I don't need much to stress me and at the moment I am not in control of situation.... (well, that happen quite often) I stress.

Right now, I am stressing because soon enough we will have a second child that I have no idea in which country I'll give birth to. I am also stressing because I don't know where we go, when we go and if I should give birth before we go or after..........

And move comes with a hell of organisation...:msncrazy:

Uncle Max 02.11.2010 13:20

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I was asked this by an annoying chap in an interview once, for a job clearly not requiring much effort for large sums of money. Coming from advertising, it was chillin' by the pool. Clearly the future boss was a moron so I told him what consitituted stress in my then current role, and said we coped with it by taking loads of coke and ordering pizzas through the night.

It took me two weeks to get 'feedback'.

Eat healthily, go to bed early and laugh with friends / try new things. All pretty middle aged but it works for me.

Ouchboy 02.11.2010 13:21

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I talk weird..

meloncollie 02.11.2010 13:23

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Mutt therapy.

Even with the stress of complaining neighbors, the dogs are still the world's best therapists. They get me laughing, get me out and about so I don't focus on my worries, give me a sense of perspective, they put me in a zen frame of mind simply by being, the way dogs do.

A well-stocked wine cellar helps too. :D

Hope you start to see a light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Leni 02.11.2010 13:24

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Not very well. :(

ullainga 02.11.2010 13:36

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I was getting married, organizing the honeymoon involving several exotic locations, moving house and to make it more fun, the new house was also in a different country, all at the same time this summer. Plus the usual work stress, so was a bit busy too, but no bigger stress problems.

What works for me - rationalize. So yes, there are a lot of things to do and organize. So I will have to do them. And if I don't manage, in time or at all? Well, what's the worst that can happen? In most cases, nobody will die and we can manage the rest.

Guest 02.11.2010 13:42

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Put on my trainers and run till I can't run anymore. Too knackered to care...

02.11.2010 13:44

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Stress ?

I used to meditate and do relaxation or light self-hypnosis ten years ago.

But now, I just don't cope with it... need drugs.... :(

lilith 02.11.2010 13:48

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I am with Bertrand...

What meds do you suggest??? :confused:

Adi86 02.11.2010 13:49

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
Whenever feeling stressed, I take out my headphones and I just listen to Pantera! (high volume is required)
It's kind of hardcore but it makes you feel sooo good!:msncool:

Or buy a nice subwoofer in your car, play some Ying Yang Twins (subwoofer and amplifier is a must!).

Even though it sound "stressfull" this is my method relief from all the daily stuff...

02.11.2010 13:50

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?

Originally Posted by lilith (Post 999763)
What meds do you suggest??? :confused:

mine are from my psychiatrist.....

02.11.2010 13:52

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
I sit in the middle of the room, cross my legs and meditate to the sun god....:cool:

wtf is stress anyway? :confused:

summerrain 02.11.2010 13:58

Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?
"There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." - Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar


I am a huge believer of that. A hot bath - takes time out from the madness of it all and slows the world down. One of the best piece of advice that I've learnt from my husband who is one of the calmest and least "stressy" people I know is to only stress about the things within your control, and let go of those that you cant.

His litmus test is always: "Can you do anything about it at the moment?" Yes? Do it.

No? No problem. Wait till you can do something about it, or do something in order to move things along. In the meantime, have a drink whilst waiting. ;)

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