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dabutiman 19.08.2007 18:18

Vaud net income calculation

My family and I are I'm moving to Vaud some time in 08. I'm currently in the process of trying to negotiate the relocation/remueratino package with my HR department. I'd like to compare my total UK net income with my proposed future total Swiss net income.

Are there any easy links to sites or downloadable software packages where I might be able to do this? Maybe someone has already set up their own spreadsheet doing this.

I've seen the links to the taxation sites but they already assume that your know how to calculate taxable income. I need something that assumes no prior knowledge and goes through the detail. Should I download the Vaudtax software?

Many thanks for your help!

3daystubble 07.07.2008 22:11

Re: Vaud net income calculation
Heres a shameless plug for my accountant and very good friend.
Fethi Mrad. He'll take care of your taxation\pension etc.. Look him up. Its Universa Fiduciare in Chavannes de Bois.
Hes a good man to know.

renmaris 09.07.2008 09:01

Re: Vaud net income calculation
Credit Suisse has a link (see below) to a tax calculator that can work out your approximate tax burden according to the commune you live in. Note in Switzerland you pay tax to the commune, the canton and to the Federal government and so where you live makes a difference to the tax rate because different communes levy very different rates of tax.

The calculator enables you to include various deductions but for someone employed by a company, the standard ones are contributions to the Swiss Pension scheme (AVS) which is obligatory, Pension contributions to your company (if there is a pension scheme), # of children and an estimate of the amount you will spend going to and from work (basically how far you live times an allowance per kilometer). If you have other sources of income (e.g. a spouse working) then that will affect the amount of tax.

You are also taxed on your fortune albeit at a very low rate, so when you arrive you'll be asked to fill out a form that lists your assets and your liabilities. If you have property, it can get quite complicated and I'd recommend getting professional advice.

Finally, your HR department will likely provide you an estimate of your tax burden. If you earn less than a certain amount (I think it is CHF 150,000 p.a.) then they will deduct at source. Otherwise, you will be responsible for sending the tax office the appropriate amount every month.


imogen 10.12.2009 18:11

Re: Vaud net income calculation
This is a great calculator... thanks very much renmaris (since I can't thank you *officially* yet!)

CorsebouTheReturn 10.12.2009 18:17

Re: Vaud net income calculation
Be aware though that your "a la source" tax seems to be MORE than I was told... I heard it's like 15%-20%, but I got like 25-30% taxed!

No idea why... Asking more details? yep, im a bit scared and reluctant to get involved with tax offices, last time I did they realised they made a mistake, omited my one day student job, and taxed me 75quids extra!! (because 3 months after I started a real job and was then normal tax, but they can only count as a TAX YEAR...)

I also read in this forum someone who was asked for MUCH MORE than expected because they did some mistake, after he filled a form despite being "a la source". And fighting with them seems long, tedious, and facing stubborn idiots...

At least my "comparis" calculations were like lower than what I really got taxed the 1st month!!!

bill_door 10.12.2009 22:39

Re: Vaud net income calculation

Originally Posted by imogen (Post 639950)
This is a great calculator... thanks very much renmaris (since I can't thank you *officially* yet!)

try this one:


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