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PaddyG 22.07.2011 10:20

Over the counter foreign exchange at the Post?
Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place, but couldn't find this info on the Postfinance site. Is it possible to get foreign currency over the counter at the Post? I know you can order it and have it delivered, if you have an account in that currency, but to go in and get a couple of grand in USD is possible? I've never actually tried it up till now.

Swissmountainair 22.07.2011 10:55

Re: Over the counter foreign exchange at the Post?
They've always had Euro cash on hand in the post office (in fact a lot of the Postfinance ATMs dispense Euros) but I've never tried them on-the-spot for USD. However the Kantonalbanks have always had the sort of amount of USDs you are talking about in cash available instantly over the counter whenever I've needed it. The one exception I found to this was one day when the rate reached another record low, the local papers recommended anyone heading to the US for a holiday to buy dollars that day, and they ran out at our local Kantonalbank!

22.07.2011 10:57

Re: Over the counter foreign exchange at the Post?
No they only deliver, by normal post in an envelope marked "Swiss Bankers" - I am not kidding! I have complained, especially as I asked for it to be held "Post Restante"

I have read that the Coop Bank has the best rates. You can also use the SBB Change, on large stations at reasonable rates.

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