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runningdeer 08.08.2011 12:01

Re: US Taxes: Come Clean or Jump Ship?
These recent threads may help you. Similar situations as yours have been discussed here.



KeinFranzösisch 08.08.2011 12:10

Re: US Taxes: Come Clean or Jump Ship?

Originally Posted by poptart (Post 1291766)
Ah, I see they've changed the rules a bit, but I considered doing this more than a decade ago and I also had, at the time, active EU citizenship through my father so it may have been complicated by that. Keeping dual citizenship when living in a third country can be a real PITA sometimes as everyone wants a piece of your pie. Thankfully, I haven't had any real issues with the IRS but I'm curious to see what the US does with me not having an income this year and my green card husband with his CHF salary and no sort of tax treaty between the US and CHF regarding taxes as far as I know - thankfully, this will be taken care of by some professionals hired by the company my husband works for.

Still, it never hurts to hang onto the right to US citizenship, especially for your kids if they want to go to school there or want to work there someday.

I was checking this out before I moved over here. The treaties are written in Legalese though, so you (and I use the formal plural of you here) may need an interpreter.

list of all countries with tax treaties with the US

US-CH tax treaty links


Originally Posted by st2lemans (Post 1291802)
Well, if he does Swiss military duty, he won't have to (register with the Selective Service)!


Huh? really? Selective Service isn't that big of a deal. When you turn 18 you go to the post office and fill out a form and you're done. Now you can probably do it online ...(checking)... yup. www.sss.com (but the addresse is kinda scary... like registering for nazi youth or something). But anyway, I digest... Selective Service isn't a big deal since there isn't a draft anymore.

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