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jerallie 05.10.2011 11:14

Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
Okay, before I either go to a branch or call and look like complete fool to the Swiss, I thought I would ask this question on here where I will probably still look like a fool, but at least I can't hear the laughing. I recently received my two credit cards from Credit Suisse and I made a travel purchase. I want to go and pay the balance since I used the card for the VISA logo since Disneyland Paris needed a credit card. Do I have to wait for the paper bill or can I go online and pay when I want? I have looked and looked and I cannot find anything about it. My Credit Suisse online banking only has my private account information and not my credit card info. If anyone has any experience, I would be grateful before I do the walk of shame into the Thun branch.

sygirl101 05.10.2011 12:26

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
Paper bill only, I'm afraid. You can call the bank and ask about paying it ahead of time or what the balance is.

05.10.2011 12:27

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
If you have an old payment slip then you could use that

The_Love_Doctor 05.10.2011 12:36

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
Is this your first credit card? :eek:

wait for the bill... (you will have a date to pay it by so you don't get charged interest and a minimum you need to pay in case you want to pay interest...)

and if you want the payments to come out directly from your bank account you can either set up the full amount to be taken or just the minimum... just ring swisscard and ask them

jerallie 05.10.2011 14:17

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
Good to know. This is my first card and I have not received my first bill yet. I know my balance because I only have one purchase. Once I get the slip, can I then use the payment number to pay towards it anytime I want? I am anal and I like to pay off the balance ASAP. Normally I am very anti credit card, but neither of my banks (Post Finance or Credit Suisse) have Visa Debt Cards, so I have to use the credit cards for purchases outside of CH.

Ed Pummelon 05.10.2011 14:26

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
I understand wanting to get the bill paid asap, but I would still suggest waiting for the paper statement to arrive and then using the attached payment slip to pay it.

There is usually a deadline date of approx 20 days in the future before you risk incurring any interest, so better to pay systematically, statement by statement, with the payment slip that's attached to each one, rather than jumping the gun and risking using the wrong slip with the wrong bill. As long as you pay the bill in full within the payment deadline every month, everything's neat and tidy, no interest or extra charges. The payment deadline is always clearly shown on the statement.

To satisfy your completely understandable slight OCD re credit cards think of it like this.
Month 1: Transaction(s) -> bill -> payment
Month 2: Transaction(s) -> bill -> payment
Month 3: Transaction(s) -> bill -> payment

and so on
How's that for nice orderly finances? ;) :)

ETA: Oh by the way, you mentioned you had CS online banking. In the E-bills section, you can register to receive your statements online. That way, you get an email when the statement is produced, log onto your CS Direct Net banking, check the statement (and save the PDF if you want), and pay it online. Same rules apply re payment deadline and interest as with paper statements and paying over the counter.

The_Love_Doctor 05.10.2011 15:04

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
By the way CS now have a Credit Card section on their online banking where you can check current transactions before the bill is issued.

You can also set up a bill payment to the card (at least I know you can do that in the UK) again you will need ring Swisscard on the number at the back of your credit card I believe and ask them how to do this.

I don't see why you're in a hurry to pay it off, it's free money with no interest to be paid until the due date! So why the rush! :D

jerallie 06.10.2011 18:20

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
Thanks for all the help. Now I at least won't look dumb in person or on the phone. I am actually excited to pay my bills in full. Being a teacher in the US, I didn't exactly have the salary to do it. Now that I am here and teachers are actually respected and paid a good salary, I can pay off my bills each month. Love being in CH and debt free. :msngrin:

st2lemans 06.10.2011 19:00

Re: Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
And if you over-pay, they pay YOU interest! :p

(better than what most accounts pay)


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