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lkom 28.02.2012 15:54

Taxes in Vaud
Hello there,
I worked in Switzerland for the summer in Lausanne. It was wonderful experience but now I need to pay taxes and am thoroughly confused. I'm looking for some one who would be able to file them for me in Lausanne. I've had no luck so far in finding any one. If some one could please help me locate some help that would be fantastic.

CorsebouTheReturn 01.03.2012 16:32

Re: Taxes in Vaud
you're from canada?
So you should have been paid "a la source", isn'it?

What permis you have?

irishgirl 01.03.2012 18:34

Re: Taxes in Vaud
We use an English speaking tax consultancy service in Montreux, I can pm you the contact details if you like

lkom 01.03.2012 21:21

Re: Taxes in Vaud
I'm a swiss citizen. Yes please pm me the details I would really appreciate it. Thanks

irishgirl 01.03.2012 22:31

Re: Taxes in Vaud
Done. Best of luck

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