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medicine man 19.03.2012 23:13

Moving for temp work for 6 months to CH then back to Germany to work
Hiya to all here, I recently got a job offer to work in Switzerland. Iím looking for any advice if people were in a similar situation.

My situation, Iím currently living in Germany but will have to work from Basel for 6 months in my new role, after 6 months I will return to Germany and work from KŲln. I will not lose my address in Germany as my girlfriend will stay there. The company I plan to work for have a German office in Muich and a Swiss one in Basel.

Thus Iím trying to understand what will be the best way to do things regarding taxation. I will reside in Basel for 6 months so I presume I can get taxed in Switzerland for this time which is better than in Germany. Then I suppose I would be forced to move back to the German system. Any way around this? After 6 months I will work in Sales so I work out of my home office in Koeln, with a significant proportion of the time traveling. I can also imagine some time spent in Basel at the head office. But the initial 6 months is 100% of the time training in Basel with less travel.

Somewhat complicated, I hope I explained the situation clearly. If not please ask questions. Could you please give me some quick initial feedback as I am currently in negotiations with the company offering me the job and I would like to influence what happens fully informed.

All the best and thanks for any advice !

Baselluck 20.03.2012 17:32

Re: Moving for temp work for 6 months to CH then back to Germany to work
Hi, I had a similar situation in 2009, while I worked for 9 months in Germany and 3 months in Switzerland. For the 3 months in Switzerland, I only paid tax in Switzerland. But for the tax filing in Germany, I reported the Swiss income to get the yearly calculation in Germany.

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