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2funky 05.07.2012 23:29

Learning Taxes in Canton Vaud

Just a quick one: do you know where I could find some references (books / magazines or web links) to learn how taxes are calculated and how the general system works (deductions, costs, percentages, etc.) in the Vaud canton?

Thanks in advance, :)

Sbrinz 06.07.2012 03:18

Re: Learning Taxes in Canton Vaud
Use this government tax calculator to get a good estimate of your taxes.

The form doesn't ask exactly where you live, so the communal tax is aproximate, and is the average charged within your canton. You can adjust the rate for the calculation if you know it exactly.

If you are being presently taxed wildly off the result, then go and see someone!

Choose your canton and the year you are interested,


Adjust the tax rate boxes if they are not correct for where you live.

Complete the form and press "calculate", the result is displayed:

Simple Tax - this is the "basic tax rate" an indication, set by federal parliament for the tax year in question.

Direct Federal tax, this is for the 12 months (Jan to Dec), amount you pay

Cantonal tax in CHF (Factor times simple tax) and the amount you pay

Communual tax in CHF (Factor x simple tax) and the amount you pay (Average only?)

Church tax in CHF (Again, the simple tax is multiplied by this factor) the amount you pay

You can print the page. You can save the result, and re- load the saved results for other calculations.
Look out for the book on Amazon "Living & Working in Switzerland" buy the most recent edition.

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