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LearningAlways 03.10.2012 12:46

Swiss income or US income?

I'm a US citizen, resident in Switzerland on a B permit thanks to my husband's job. I work independently for Swiss clients and get paid here in CHFs. I am also currently doing some work remotely for a friend in the US. She says that she needs to file a W-2 with the IRS for me if she pays me more than $600, which she most likely will.

I think I'd prefer to have this income from working remotely considered as Swiss income - from the threads I've read here the Swiss will think I should declare it here - but I don't want to have to pay both AVS/Social Security, and I don't want this income to interfere with us getting the Foreign Earned Income exemption.

Has anyone else dealt with this situation, and what did you learn? Should I just cap my remote income at $599 and then declare it here? Does it make a difference where the remote income first gets deposited in a bank?


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