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detroitpistons#1 14.01.2013 18:11

Money transfer to Swiss account from EU
i still have cheque and savings accounts in switzerland which i use, even though i do not live in the country anymore. they were opened when i lived in switzerland. i am non swiss/non-EU citizen. i am living in a non-EU(european) country. up to what amount of funds can i receive to my personal cheq/savings account from another party based in Europe (company for consulting services or a private individual) to my accounts held in switzerland? is there a max limit and/or is proof of funds required above a certain limit? thanks.

fatmanfilms 14.01.2013 19:45

Re: Money transfer to Swiss account from EU
No max limit, you will have signed a form when you opened the account that it was your money that you were paying in. The banks will be happy as interest rates will be roughly zero.

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