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charlotte1 13.09.2013 11:29

Wrong Barèmes

It seems that the impôt a la source for me and my husband is calculated in a wrong way because now we are both working and for both of us the B0 column is used, and we should be taxed by C and C0.

First I was on B0 and my husband was not working, but he started few months ago and I don't know why, but from his company they put him also on B0.

Was anybody in the same situation before? Should we announce that there is a mistake?
Would we pay the difference for the previous months if we announce? What will/can happen if we don't announce this mistake?

We are really not happy that we need to pay more taxes, our salaries are not so big anyway, but I would prefer paying more over having problems with the system...

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!!!

JakubB 06.07.2019 21:09

Re: Wrong Barèmes
We have a similar problem, but in our case, my wife is taxed at bareme D - accessory income. She earns very little, around 300 CHF a month. According to the the ADMINISTRATION CANTONALE DES IMPÔTS SECTION IMPÔT A LA SOURCE, the bareme D is fixed 10%. However, we both work (I am the main provider now) so shouldn't the bareme C be used instead? In that case, she should not be taxed at all.

I'd appreciate your help :)

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