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frelkins 26.02.2014 19:21

Banking Confusion at PostFinance

I'm American & my husband is Danish, employed at the University in Bern. We knew few banks would open an account for me, but were told PostFinance, UBS & Credit Suisse would do it.

So we went to PostFinance, who told us of course they could open an account for us, they just had to mail us a tax document to sign. But today instead we get a letter from PostFinance saying they refuse to open the account. So I call the English help line to ask what's up - we were assured we could open an account - because 1) we are on 1-year L Permits and 2) I'm an American.

The English phone line person said they will not open any accounts for Americans or foreigners without C permits. I asked her if these means PostFinance is closing American and foreign accounts and she said yes.

I guess we will have to try UBS or Credit Suisse.

Just an FYI in case anyone here has a PostFinance account and doesn't have a C permit.

Any advice?


3Wishes 26.02.2014 19:23

Re: Banking Confusion at PostFinance
Another option, if they're still taking new U.S. customers, is Migrosbank. I'm American and have my account there, although it was opened before all this FATCA mess.

adrianlondon 26.02.2014 19:28

Re: Banking Confusion at PostFinance
They do open accounts for foreigners who have less than a C permit. I assume it's only Americans who need a C permit to open an account there.

Medea Fleecestealer 26.02.2014 21:45

Re: Banking Confusion at PostFinance
There should be an easy way around this and that's to open the account only in your husband's name. If you have no signing rights or power of attorney over it, then it doesn't have to be reported so theoretically they should agree to let you have an account.

Otherwise, try opening the account at another branch. People have reported here that after being refused in one branch they've been accepted at another; this has happened even at different UBS branches.

If neither work then try UBS or Credit Suisse. If they say no to a joint account again ask if they'll accept just your husband as signatory.

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