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DT1052 30.06.2014 00:19

Re: Exchanging a lot of currency
I definitely agree. It would make my life much easier. I will probably go to the place that issues attestations tomorrow to see if I can get one. Otherwise, I am going contact the accounting department to work out a better solution. I purposely haven't cashed any checks they've given me.

I was under the impression coming here that there would be a better flow of information from my host since pretty much everyone in the lab is from outside of Switzerland. It's a bit frustrating for such a short internship/fellowship that I am spending a lot of time on issues like this.

Island Monkey 30.06.2014 00:22

Re: Exchanging a lot of currency
I think you need to go in and kick off a little. Insist that if they want you working for them short term, that they make an effort to pay you in a way that you can actually access the money!

Savanna3 01.07.2014 18:34

Re: Exchanging a lot of currency
If you are not planning on living in Switzerland in the future, consider what having a Swiss bank account will do to your US tax return. It will cause a more expensive return if you use a professional tax return preparer, and it will put you on the IRS radar. I wouldn't do it if I were you! Not to save a few percentage points.

We live in Zurich, otherwise I would be happy to exchange my last few hundred US dollars with you. If you plan a trip this way, just send me a PM.

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