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aurum 26.09.2014 23:32

Money transfer through post office

I am buying a second-hand kindle from this guy who posted ad on anibis.ch. I have trasferred the amount in his account through post office. But it is not reflected in his balance even after two working day. How long does it take to reflect in balance? If something went wrong, can I get back my money? how?
Is there any way I can get a confirmation of the transfer from the post office?

7070 27.09.2014 05:06

Re: Money transfer through post office
It depends on his bank and where it is located..usually bank transfers can take any time from 2-5 days to reflect.

When you paid into his account at the post office, you should have received a receipt of sorts..did you?

This receipt is proof you made the payment.
I would advice you keep it until your Kindle arrives :)

Ps: wait a few more days for the funds to reflect.
Hopefully all will be well.Good luck :)

aurum 27.09.2014 09:57

Re: Money transfer through post office
Yes i have the receipt.
Thanks a lot for the information. I was worried.

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