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defcon3 10.12.2014 22:56

Android App for Portfolio Performance Monitoring
Dear fellow members,

I am seeking something seemingly simple and have, so far, been unsuccessful. Today I am using the Bloomberg Free app, but it is only showing the day change in %. To my mind, the perfect app would allow me to:

- define one or more portfolios
- define purchase price and number of shares/units
- track each portfolio to show:
- how much it has gained /lost since inception in currency
- how much it has changed in %
- be able to find funds /investments based on multiple/various criteria: bloomberg/ISIN/Reuters/other?

Do not need widgets or real time monitoring, refresh on launch would suffice. Very simple goal - launch app and see how much in value and in % has the portfolio(s) gained/lost in a day/month/year/3yr/since inception.

The closest to this (at least on paper) came SigFig but alas, does not allow me to manually define the portfolio outside of the pre-defined broker accounts. The parent company Wikinvest seemingly offers a similar product but is again, crippled by pre-defined range of accounts.

What do you use for your investments, guys?

defcon3 12.12.2014 08:08

Re: Android App for Portfolio Performance Monitoring
OK, perhaps I am being spoiled. Let's try with online/browser recommendations? What site would allow this functionality and you can suggest from experience? :D

Phil_MCR 12.12.2014 08:46

Re: Android App for Portfolio Performance Monitoring
Can you use something like Google finance?

defcon3 12.12.2014 10:39

Re: Android App for Portfolio Performance Monitoring

Originally Posted by Phil_MCR (Post 2301258)
Can you use something like Google finance?

My trouble with Google and Yahoo finance is that they are a hit/miss on the funds listing. Some work well with Reuters, some with ISIN, but never with all. If I were to run this avenue, I'd have to have my portfolios split amongst multiple services/websites which kinda defeats the goal of "at a glance"...

EDIT >> perhaps another way to approach this: do ALL funds have universal identifiers/references? Is the ISIN the global one?

EDIT 2 >> The bloomberg website has a thing called "WATCHLIST" for those registered (registration if free). Does give the basics: purchase date, purchase price, day change, gain/loss to date (since purchase). No suggestions/recommendations on portfolio improvements or diversification but hey... a good start!!!

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