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Vikster 16.01.2015 12:40

Missing in action: AHV number

I moved away from Switzerland a few years ago, but now my husband needs my AHV number for pension. Handily, I've misplaced all my Swiss paperwork. Does anyone know how I can go about finding out my number?
Thanks in advance.

Sean Connery 16.01.2015 12:42

Re: Missing in action: AHV number
Contact the HR department of your last employer?

Greg Zimmermann 16.01.2015 12:44

Re: Missing in action: AHV number
Just get in touch with the AHV offices in the Canton where y' last worked.
They should have all detais in their computers.
Good Luck

Sbrinz 16.01.2015 13:16

Re: Missing in action: AHV number
You might have more luck in the Gemeinde / Commune office where you last lived, it will be on your file. They issue the AHV / AVS numbers.

Ace1 16.01.2015 14:23

Re: Missing in action: AHV number
When I was in this situation a few years ago I wasn't able to trace it through any of the federal channels, as I had also moved Kanton since the change from 11-digit to 13-digit numbers.

In the end it was the simplest thing in the world to pick up the phone and ask my HR department what it was.

me.anon 16.01.2015 14:49

Re: Missing in action: AHV number
. . . or here https://www.ch.ch/en/ahv-card/ and follow the link for a new card for people resident abroad.

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