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marv 02.02.2015 17:51

Credit history and cars on PCP
Good day to you all. This is my first post on the forum so I hope I have done everything correctly.

I know there are some posts on this already however they are all from a number of years ago and as we know, things change quite quickly in some aspects.
I moved from the UK to Switzerland back in August and thoroughly enjoy it here. I am now looking to get a car and have a few questions about it. I wonder if anyone has done it recently?

A bit about my circumstances first as this may be relevant:
- I am here on a B permit since end of August 2014.
- I have a permanent work contract with a Swiss company.
- I have an account with UBS and also a prepaid credit card.
- I have mobile phone contracts.
- I am applying for a credit card (which my bank offered me a while ago but I declined) which I now think will be good for building a credit history if I pay it off in full each month.

I am looking for a new car from a mainstream dealership on what would be described in the UK as a PCP finance agreement. It is one where you get a balloon figure at the end to offset costs and I believe from other posts on the forum that the Swiss call this leasing.

My questions are:
- How easy is it to get finance agreements from mainstream dealerships if you are on a B permit?
- Will the fact I have phone contracts (2) and a prepaid credit card help my credit history (they are in good order) or would I need a proper credit card as well?

Some old threads say it is quite easy and all you need is a B permit and a copy of work contract and bank statements etc but these were some time ago. I wonder if it is the same now?

Many thanks in advance and best wishes to you all.

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