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Elmienb 23.04.2015 11:14

Declare worldwide income - Swiss tax form
Silly question, for which I cannot find the answer online.

We moved to Switzerland on a B permit during the year, and will be tax residents (based on the criteria). This means we have to declare worldwide income. As we are residents for part of the year online, the tax rate, thresholds etc. are all calculated on annualised Swiss income (as I understand). But what is not clear to me (and I could not find the answer online) is whether we have to also declare the salary income we earned in the months prior to becoming a Swiss tax resident.

If so, where (in which section of the return) do we declare it? As I understand you can also claim back taxes paid on foreign income where a Double Tax Agreement exists (which it does), so how can we claim back the taxes withheld on that income (obviously only relevant if we will get taxed on the income in the first place)?

Thank you in advance for help regarding this!

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