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atamar 29.08.2015 22:39

Loan to relative: declare?
Is a loan (to a relative, if it matters) something I should be declaring in the tax return? It's not like there's interest, but the sum is small enough that it could have gone into living and hobbies, while just large enough that it might raise questions if/when it eventually gets paid back.

Also, is there particular a swiss-deutsch tax term I should be looking for in the forms? (The Basel tax software doesn't exactly make it easy to search, and the correct section may even be locked away behind a checkbox somewhere early on in the process.)

Thank you, appreciated!

me.anon 29.08.2015 22:50

Re: Loan to relative: declare?
You should declare it, even if there is no interest to pay, so that the principle is still counted, and taxed, as your wealth. Conversely, the person you lent the money to should declare it, to reduce their wealth tax. Your tax form will have a section where you can declare loans you have made to others (Ger: Darlehen )

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