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franklinosummers 26.09.2015 04:38

Income from two sources
PREFACE: sorry, I posted this originally in the 'Employment' category, but realize it is probably better suited here.

Hi All,

I am coming from Canada to Basel to work for a local company and will still have "secondary ties" (bank account, credit card, drivers licence, passport, etc.) to Canada. I will hold a B permit and will be earning under 100,000 CHF

The company I work for will be my primary source of income, but for a few years now I have been doing some freelance work and make anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per year as my second income. It is not a registered business or anything, just some casual work I do on my computer.

I am confused as to reporting this secondary income on my Swiss taxes, as for my Canadian taxes I use to just report it as "other income". Is it possible to do the same for my Swiss taxes, and is there any way that the company that I will be working for (primary income providers) will know about this secondary income? As I understand it, I will need to be reporting this secondary income for both my Swiss AND Canadian income tax.

I've been reading about taxes and regulations for both Canada and Switzerland for several days now, and am still a little confused.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Mullhollander 26.09.2015 08:37

Re: Income from two sources
According to this letter from Basel-Landschaft, individuals taxed at source who have additional income must also fill out a tax return. From another document, the tax category appears to be "D" for Nebenerwerb for those under the Quellensteuer regime and the rate is 10%:


franklinosummers 26.09.2015 17:40

Re: Income from two sources
Okay great, thanks for letting me know!
Does this additional income have any impact on the rate or amount that is taxed from the source (my primary income employer)? Basically, will primary source company know about secondary source?

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