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muze7 23.11.2006 14:04

UBS cut off times changed for online payments?
I am one of these people who have to remind mysefl about paying bills so I often pay just before the deadline. This means just before UBS cut off times :D.

Now you used to be able to enter payments online until 13.59 hours to have a payment made that same day, then it changed to 13.45 hours but now even just after 13.30 hours, your dated will be adjusted one day forward.

Does anyone know what the real life cut off time now is? (The pdf with times has not changed last time I looked so I am hoping someone is just as bad as me and knows the real time :)).

Also, is it true that Friday is a non-day in terms of transactions, so any payment that you want to arrive by Monday needs to be transferred on Thursday, probably before 1300 hours?

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