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Frankieman 09.12.2015 11:18

How to free up over-payment in 3rd pillar pension
I have a 3a Fisca account with UBS, running for about 4 years' now. In the second year I did not realise that UBS re-invest the dividends back into the Fisca account - therefore when I got the end of the calendar year I managed to pay c.400.-CHF more than permitted.

This is not a huge problem, the 400.- earns a tiny bit of interest - but it is essentially frozen in the account that sits between my normal account and the Fisca 3a account.

I have asked UBS to put the amount back in my normal account or (in subsequent years') forward it to the 3a account. But UBS say they cannot do this without permission from the tax people (by way of a form). I asked the tax people and they can't do anything without a form from UBS! So nobody can do anything without forms that neither side know anything about :msncrazy:

Does anybody know the identity of this mysterious form and where I can get it from?

Landers 09.12.2015 14:10

Re: How to free up over-payment in 3rd pillar pension
You yourself haven't paid 400chf too much, have you?

aSwissInTheUS 09.12.2015 14:22

Re: How to free up over-payment in 3rd pillar pension
You should get a end of the year certificates where it is stated how much you invested in each 3a account.

Submit a copy of every statement to the tax authority, to get the tax relief.

Once they got aware you paid more than allowed they will then send you back the relevant statement to get your money back.

In your case:
There pop up some questions.

- Did you get all of the end of year statements?
- Does the summ of end of year statements show a too high ammount paid in the relevant year?
- Did you send a copies of the end of year statements to the tax authority?

If all above are true. Resubmit a copies of the end of the year statements to the tax authority to get the statement from the tax people that you indeed paid too much and are eligble for reimbursement from the bank.

PS: I assume earnings, intrests and dividends to not count toward the max ammount to be paid into a 3a account. At least this is the case with interest and a normal 3a account.

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