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audiodruid 28.01.2016 17:59

Looking for investor (s) and advice
For a new business idea
A fairly simple import opportunity ( auto trade 4x4's of British origin )
Can anyone advise me how to find or where to go look for investors.
Start up needs around 20 or 30k swiss.
10k in brings an average return of 35k, less costs, tax.. could bring a profit of circa 20k.
Return time varies from a few weeks to a month or so depending on sales.

Any advice , legal or financial would be appreciated, although i have run my own GmbH up to 2012 ( retail store ) this fell victim to rising costs in Switzerland with clients able to buy at far lower prices in Germany.
This business idea arises out of personal experience and meeting people looking for the same service.


Mullhollander 28.01.2016 18:16

Re: Looking for investor (s) and advice
For funding, you might look at these micro-credit lending organizations:



This Beobachter article explains the concept, etc.:


Phil_MCR 28.01.2016 18:42

Re: Looking for investor (s) and advice
Have you tried getting a loan from the bank?

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