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Jayz 12.03.2016 16:13

Self employed earnings for Employed Person
Hi all,

I've tried searching for this, but couldn't get any results that seemed to answer the question.

I am an employed person, paying witholding tax and completing a tax return each year. Last year, for the first time I earned a small amount of money from a couple of websites that I run (Google AdSense paid to my Swiss bank account) and I'm now not sure where I should be declaring it on the tax return. Do I need to complete a self-employed form as well as all my normal ones that I've done in past years and should I actually have registered myself as self-employed, even though the earnings are only likely to ever be a couple of thousand Franc a year at most?

JamesTr 12.03.2016 16:52

Re: Self employed earnings for Employed Person
Depending on the Kanton you can just list it as "Nebeneinkommen" on the same form where you declare your regular income. Not every Kanton is using the same forms or terms, but the principle is the same.

It then depends on your regular income and the specific amout you earn as Nebeneinkommen and the SVA may send you an additional bill for contributions to the AHV of around 10%. If your Nebeneinkommen is a 1000 a year you'll have to pay them a 100. It takes the SVA sometimes more than a year to process those charges.

Jayz 12.03.2016 19:27

Re: Self employed earnings for Employed Person
Thanks, I'm in kanton Zürich and looking at the Steuererklärung, I can see there is a section below the main income for "Nebenerwerb".

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