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hbunny 10.12.2006 19:00

Equity Investing - The DIY Route
Now that I'm somewhat settled in Zürich my thoughts have turned to the investment opportunities here in Switzerland.

My preference is for investing in equities listed on the Swiss market, but I'm having trouble finding the information to help me.

I've previously use the Motley Fool to educate myself while in the UK and what I'm looking for are information sources on dividend yields and other common ratios (P/E, price/assets, ...) used in valuing shares. Preferrably a website offering the ability to filter shares based on the above criteria - any English-based forums in Swiss investing would be great.

I've found the www.cash.ch website that has some of the info, but my German's not good enough to figure it out yet. What other sources of equity investment info are there on the web for Swiss market?

As I've worked in Investment banks for 7 years, I have no faith in either fund-based investments or the hocus-pocus of certifcates/derivates/structured products that seems to be the very popular here.


AbFab 10.12.2006 20:18

Re: Equity Investing - The DIY Route
Try www.swissquote.ch/index_e.html

Jim2007 10.12.2006 20:33

Re: Equity Investing - The DIY Route
Hi there,

Take a look at the book: "Swiss Stock Guide 2006/7", it does not have all the details you are looking for, but it is a good starting point.

Best Regards,


hbunny 10.12.2006 21:38

Re: Equity Investing - The DIY Route
Jim2007, thanks for the pointer to the book.

For anyone else interested in the "Swiss Stock Guide 2006/7" book, I found it for sale here in English, French and German - make sure you order the right one!


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