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Palladium 05.12.2018 22:58

Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
Can't believe this wasn't answered before but google wasn't my friend tonight.

My question is, is there a way to verify the employer contribution to the occupational pension (2nd pillar)?

I know that the employer should pay at least 50% of the total contribution, but how do I verify this is actually happening, other than asking my employer? I can indeed see the BVG deduction in my payslip, say it's 200 CHF for example, but this is my contribution so I'd expect the total to be 400+ CHF. Does this sound right? My contract does not specify this point. Perhaps I should ask the insurance provider?

Thank you all

ThomasSSS 06.12.2018 02:59

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
My data-point: I receive a balance and yearly contribution statement from our provider approximately once per year.

So yes, talk to the insurance company. They probably have a statement schedule, and should be able to tell you what they've received for your account.

aSwissInTheUS 06.12.2018 03:33

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
You will get an yearly statement at the beginning of the new year. Shows all contributions so far and interest.

Here an example how it might look like:

If you do not get a statement by February request one through HR or your pension plan provider. You are entitled to one and they must give you one by law.

Wisconsinite 06.12.2018 06:24

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
From what I have read, it's the first pillar that can be an issue sometimes. 2nd pillar is very transparent.

bill_door 06.12.2018 07:12

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
as others have said, annually (Jan usually) you should (must?) get an extract from your 2nd pillar provider, sometimes provided by the employer (provider to employer, employer to you), more recently this has been directly from the provider to you. At any time you are entitled to an extract from the provider so contact your provider (provide name, DoB, AHV no., employer, contract number if you have it).

to get 1st pillar extract from (select your canton):


and follow their links. Many of these have an online request page, and it will give a detailed statement of all your CH employers contributions, including your own.

note that both of these numbers can be 3--6 months behind what you expect. although you have the deductions monthly many employers have to settle the liability only quarterly. if you have unexpected gaps/deficits, then you should take it up directly with them.

peaky 06.12.2018 08:51

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
Your contract or welcome pack should have had pension details.

You can also check the intranet or ask HR to provide you pension details.

And as already been mentioned very soon, in Jan, you will receive a statement from who ever manages the company pension.

roegner 06.12.2018 08:55

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
Or just email the pension provider if you do not want to wait until January (add your pension number)

Palladium 06.12.2018 14:02

Re: Employer contribution to 2nd pillar
Very informative, thanks all.

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