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dboth 28.06.2019 12:36

UK tax on Swiss revenues - arising basis

I am living in London for the last 8 years.
I own properties in Switzerland that gives me a little revenue. I am working full time in UK as an employee.
I have been advised that i can't be claiming same taxation treatment as per previous years (I was paying my tax in UK and in Switzerland separately, remittance basis). I need to claim the "arising basis" if i want to avoid paying 30'000/year.
Has someone claimed the "arising basis" and could give me some advice how to do it? You are supposed to pay the difference between the CH tax rate and the UK tax rate on the Swiss revenues. How do you calculate this?
If anyone has a good tax adviser that could help without being extorionous i would be happy to have his/her name.
Thanks for your advice/help.

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