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lazylion 03.01.2020 11:20

coop supercard cashback credit card
I was owning a coop supercard (regular black master card), which expired recently - and apparently this company cardservice does not work with coop anymore, instead it offers replacement credit cards with 0.2% cashback facility.
Has anybody opted for this cashback card?
I am thinking of cancelling this one and going back to coop for their regular supercard creditcard which gives superpoints when you shop with it (now they work with a different company called topcard).

If anybody has gone through this process, could you please let me know which option you chose?
Or if there are any better credit cards out there? Thank you.

robBob 03.01.2020 11:23

Re: coop supercard cashback credit card
News to me. My Coop credit card still seems to be a Coop credit card. :confused:

lazylion 03.01.2020 11:27

If you have an existing black supercard credit card, it will be valid until the validity date stamped on it or until end 2020 I think. Once it expires, you will have to either go for the cashback one (which is not connected to coop) or cancel it.
The coop supercard creditcard (latest one) is gold in color.

all info in this website which says that they will not issue new cards.

mgosia 04.01.2020 01:19

Re: coop supercard cashback credit card
I opted for the cashback card mainly because it was the first free card working with Apple pay. Out of convenience I started to pay many smaller purchases with the card and this adds up for the cashback (it is actually 0.25% if you exchange the supercardplus). Also I reckoned I can collect twice on my groceries: superpoints at coop and cashback on top of that if I pay with the cashback card. The new free coop credit card offers 0.33% cashback on purchases outside coop (you need to spend 300chf to get 100 points = 1chf) which is not that much more than 0.25%. I am happy with the card, it comes with a free app, and the first months I enjoyed 0.5% cashback as an introductory offer, not sure if that still stands. Plus it’s nice to keep the same cc number and PIN!

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