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naigel 07.03.2020 18:12

Taxes in ZH with B permit
Hello, I moved to Zürich last year and I am employed since February. I have a B permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) and I don't earn more than 120'000 CHF/year.
I am pretty sure I don't have to pay the "normal" taxes (Steuererklärung) but I am wondering if I still have to pay any wealth tax (Vermögenssteuer).
Is there a limit above which I have to compile any special tax module -- let's say if I have more than 200k on my bank account? Or can I ignore that since I have a B permit and earn <120k/year?

naigel 11.03.2020 14:15

Re: Taxes in ZH with B permit
Ok, I have tried to find the information by myself. My reference is the manual for tax declaration 2019 Wegleitung zur Steuererklärung2019.

The relevant part should be at page 8, in the section "Ausländische Arbeitnehmer". It says that people earning more than 120k/year in the tax year (or even previous years) have to compile the tax modules. In the "Ergänzende Veranlagung zur Quellensteue" paragraph, it says that people with other source of revenue should also declare, making a few examples. It also says "oder Vermögen besitzt", but it doesn't without specify any value or amount of liquid money.

My take is that, even if I own >200k CHF on the bank account, I don't have to fill in any tax declaration module.
If anyone else could confirm this, or came to the same conclusion, please share with me/us ;)

roegner 11.03.2020 14:41

Re: Taxes in ZH with B permit
Wrong as far as I understand this. If you have more than 200k you need to file:

3 Ein ergänzendes Veranlagungsverfahren wird nur durchgeführt, wenn das der Quellensteuer nicht unterworfene steuerbare Einkommen mindestens Fr. 2'500 oder das steuerbare Gesamtvermögen mindestens Fr. 200'000 beträgt.


naigel 14.03.2020 13:35

Re: Taxes in ZH with B permit
Thanks for the reference!

I am wondering if this rule is still in force since it's dated back to 199x. I guess not having an expiry date is enough to making it still valid :(

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