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Caryl 26.03.2020 17:26

Re: What options do we have to recover debt from UK Agency?

Originally Posted by fatmanfilms (Post 3156540)
I don't believe you issued a winding up order in the high court, writing a bluffing letter is another matter. I issued a 'final demand' with such a threat to an insurance company last year, they ignored it! however have since paid me more than 3 times the amount demanded & are paying more monthly :D
Once the debt is proved & remains unpaid, then going to the High Court is straight forward & without danger to the petitioner. About 20 years someone did this to the Norwich Union insurance company, they had to plead with the high court not to have their assets frozen, cant find a link.

Some years ago I suffered an injury in a French Holdiay Inn where a wooden chair collapsed, I was thrown against a radiator which also collapsed against my back. I was bedridden for 3 months. Long story with AXA, the hotel's insurer. I filed suit against Holiday Inns/Intercontinental Hotels in Florida and advised that I would also file in England and in France (I had to meet the SOL in Fla, and it was convenient; at the time Intercontinental was registered to do business in Florida). AXA initially paid for private medical expenses in the UK. Then insisted I travel to Paris to be examined by their doctor at their expense. I did so, and they didn't pay the bill either for the injury report by a doctor who happens to be one of the top UK professors, or for the travel to Paris. I went back to Paris and sued them twice in Tribunal de première instance. Obviously they never thought I would go that far; they conceded in both cases. But still ... they didn't pay. I discovered they owned 3% of Legal & General. I wrote that I would domesticate my French judgment in the Royal Courts of Justice in London and then attach their shareholding in L&G. How quickly they paid! They also settled (not enough money, but 1/2 of what I could have had at trial, either in France or in Florida (which unfortunately would look to French law for damages, and since I am retired I can't claim for lost earnings). End of story, but I try not to do business either with Holiday Inns or with AXA.

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