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Pingu 14.03.2020 07:47

How to declare employee options in (Vaud) tax declaration
I have questions related to the Vaud tax declaration (due tomorrow…).

I have received employee options (2018 and 2019) and have been told by the employer that one should not have to pay income or wealth tax on these at the time of allocation. Therefore I reported them in the tax declaration last year and assigned them a value of 0.00 CHF but I still had to pay tax for them in the end (not a lot and therefore I didn’t reach until now). (I live in Vaud but work in canton Zurich and my co-workers seem to be able to declare the options without having to pay tax.)

I am using the VaudTax program and entered them in the section ”Etat des titres => Actions/Parts sociales”. Is this the correct place?

I wonder if anyone has any pieces of advice regarding how to do this correctly?

I have called the tax office earlier but somehow they are confused when I say that the employee options have no value at the moment - probably due to my poor French and therefore I am trying to get help here instead.

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