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PJSleep 17.03.2020 07:59

Debt Collection ('They' owe me)
What a day. Best to all and fingers crossed the nation makes it through relatively unscathed.

For the first time ever, I have a client who has yet to pay their invoice. Its now over a year and it would appear its time to take action. Can anyone here please explain to me how to go about this without initially having to hire a legal firm and pay copious amounts of monies? Yes, that may inevitably be part of the recovery process should they refuse to pay the monies owed - though why start with that? Or, do I need to start with that?

My goal would be to get debt collection/debt enforcement documents processed ASAP (24-48 hours).

- Would that include a Betreibung process?
- Thoughts on online entities/services? E.g., Betreibung Schalter
- Thoughts on coupling a filing up with making use of a collection agency?

Is there someone out there that can help me jump start this? Am I even allowed to ask that question? LOL

Thank all for your considerations on this matter - I am MOTIVATED.

The_Love_Doctor 17.03.2020 08:07

Re: Debt Collection ('They' owe me)
How much are we talking about here?

CHF10k? CHF100k? CHF1mil?

Mullhollander 17.03.2020 08:10

Re: Debt Collection ('They' owe me)
Debt claims can be initiated through Easygov.swiss, a Swiss Federal government website (English):


PJSleep 17.03.2020 08:32

Re: Debt Collection ('They' owe me)
Above CHF500'000 and below CHF 1'000'000.

The non paying company is very solvent.

I will gladly explore all options offered (e.g., thank you Mullhollander).

Dear Mr. 'The Love Doctor' - just questions? Have any solutions over there?

grumpygrapefruit 17.03.2020 09:29

Re: Debt Collection ('They' owe me)
First step is to send a final reminder by registered letter to their registered office threatening legal action if it isn't paid within a certain time (10 or 14 days would be enough). Generally in this country a demand by registered letter concentrates the mind wonderfully!

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