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ninoTI 06.08.2020 17:22

Refund of German Withholding Tax on Dividend
My question is about dividends from German shares deposited with a Swiss bank and how to proceed to claim a refund of withholding tax.
The 22.5.2018 BMW paid a dividend of €4 per share.
For 200 shares this corresponds to €800
The tax withheld is €211 (rate of 26.375%) includes
the recoverable withholding tax (DE) of €91 (11.375%)
so the non-reclaimable withholding tax: €120 (15%)

For the non-recoverable withholding tax you can request a refund from the cantonal tax authorities using form DA-1.
According the Federal Tax Administration (1) the amount of the dividend in Swiss francs is 4,677 per share.
200 x 4.677 = 935.40 x 15 % = 140.31 CHF
(The FX rate of the dividend receipt is not taken into account)

However, for the tax recoverable from the German authorities, the R-D 1 form (2) must be filled with:
a-ISIN: DE0005190003
b-Stuckzahl: 200
c-Name: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
d-Zeitpunkt: 22.05.2018
e-Bruttozufluss: 800
f-Abgeführte Steuer: 211
g-Beantragte Erstattungen: 91

and send it first to the cantonal tax authorities for endorsement and then to the German tax authorities.

But the explanations on the form refer to original certificates.
Is the document with the details of the dividend received from the Swiss banks sufficient or do you need to provide other documents?


(1) ICTax - Income & Capital Taxes Course listings (ICTax) https://www.ictax.admin.ch/extern/en.html#/search
(2) R-D 1 Application for refund of German withholding tax on capital gains pursuant to the German-Swiss Double Taxation Agreement of 11 August 1971 (natural persons) http://www.formulare-bfinv.de/ffw/ac...e.do?id=010097

Pastel 17.11.2020 15:06

Re: Refund of German Withholding Tax on Dividend
Hi NinoTI,
I am also going to try to recover withholding taxes on dividends I received in Germany during the last couple of years. So, many thanks for your post, quite useful.
Did you manage to complete the process and were you successful? Did you have to pay any costs?

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