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mot82 01.09.2020 22:31

ETF Transfer
I have my savings in some US ETF in USD with UBS (was not a great idea I know). I'm considering changing to Interactive broker or Post Finance. Do you know by any chance if I can move the asset to the new broker with a reasonable fee without selling and re-buying (to avoid the high UBS fees mainly)?

Urs Max 02.09.2020 01:29

Re: ETF Transfer
Incoming transfers are usually free. UBS seem to charge 100 CHF per outgoing electronic transfer (that should apply to everything you bought at an exchange).

You could ask PF if they shoulder the transfer costs, full or in part. The wealthier you are the better your odds.

That said, those one-time costs are a minor thing compared to the yearly charges by UBS. If I understand their T&C correctly they charge 0.2% p.a. for non-traditional funds they have no "Vertriebsvereinbarung" for, i.e. where they don't get paid by the fund to peddle them to you, including ETFs. Those 0.2% alone add up to more than 100 over ten years for every position that is bigger than 5k.

Hopefully you have only a few positions to transfer.

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