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Y'sul 09.11.2020 07:54

CHF-based investment fund
I have some money invested into funds based in GBP and USD, but recently I have become concerned about the potential for inflation in both currencies.

Does anyone know of an investment fund with good performance (similar to fundsmith) which is based in the CHF currency?

newtoswitz 09.11.2020 08:36

Re: CHF-based investment fund
The location of the funds and the listing currency is largely irrelevant unless they are hedged, which I would anyway avoid because it's not worth the cost.

What matters is the underlying investments, which in most cases of high performing buy-and-hold funds (like Fundsmith) are pretty global.

If you want protection from currency changes, invest in funds which invest in Swiss stuff, or use something like an SMI or SMIM tracker. And don't expect the same level of growth.

I have about 10% of my investments in SMIM and a little in a Swiss RE fund (mistake :() as a Swiss based tranche, just in case CHF goes crazy again although it's hard to imagine it could appreciate that much more.

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