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JdG 17.01.2021 18:33

Permit B less than 120K +Dividends, Tax Return?
Hi all,

I have a B Permit, Gross Salary below than CHF120k and being taxed at source.

During 2020 I opened an Interactive Brokers accoant and bought some shares which generated some dividens (less than CH200)

Must I do a Tax Return?

Thank you very much in advance.

Landers 18.01.2021 00:49

Re: Permit B less than 120K +Dividends, Tax Return?
If your brokers account is Swiss then won't the dividends have withholding tax applied? In which case I suppose a tax return would enable you to recover some of it?

Enohzee 18.01.2021 09:28

Re: Permit B less than 120K +Dividends, Tax Return?
You need to request a full tax return if you have over a certain threshold of wealth or additional income, I believe.

It depends on the canton, so check your canton tax website

aSwissInTheUS 18.01.2021 09:49

Re: Permit B less than 120K +Dividends, Tax Return?
If you have worldwide (!) income or wealth you must fill a tax return.
Usually there are thresholds were you have to so. Unfortunately the website of canton AG is not really helpful. You have to ask them what they are.


JdG 18.01.2021 11:06

Re: Permit B less than 120K +Dividends, Tax Return?
Thank you all for the answers.

Actually I moved to Ticino during 2020.

I did not find any helpfull info in the Ticino official website eaither, also sent an email but the answer was not clear.

I sent a new email and still waiting for the answer, I will call if needed.

Anyway, it is important to know that there are threasholds. Any nows which apply in Ticino?

Many thanks,

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