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jolife 16.04.2021 06:47

Hi there,

Does anyone know Swissborg and use it ?

I'm just curious to know the feedback from users of this app.
And if you would recommend it to buy crypto...


Fidgety 17.04.2021 11:27

Re: Swissborg
I have it downloaded but haven't used it. Personally I buy on Binance and transfer to a wallet. I also have Crypto.com

John_H 17.04.2021 11:48

Re: Swissborg
I've used it .
Was very easy to move cash to it and withdraw from it, took around two days each way. It has limited crypto to buy but very simple to use. Easy setup and ID verification, easy transfers etc.

I'm not a serious crypto investor, i'm playing around with 3 figure sums ..
So take my advice with a pinch of salt.

gingerninja 17.04.2021 13:34

Re: Swissborg
Yes I am using Swissborg on a recommendation of a friend.
App is fantastic & easy to use... the smart yield / earning a yield on your coins is also great.

Using Swissborg has many benefits over other exchanges.
Customer Service via the app was very good / transferring money is simple

There own currency CHSB is worth considering.

Signup is so quick and easy.

jolife 17.04.2021 19:47

Re: Swissborg
Hi !

Thank's for your recommendations.

I downloaded the app, but not sure I'll use it...
I'm interested in their yield option you can have on some crypto, especially on ethereum, do you try it ?

Thank you @gingerninja for your referral link. Effectively, this app is very well done and good looking.

I'm a beginner in trading, I want to invest a bit for fun (50-100$ / month), but I find hard to believe in this volatile money. That's the reason why I'm still thinking.

gingerninja 17.04.2021 21:03

Re: Swissborg
Yes exactly - Im taking the yield option on ethereum, im getting 5.44% :-)

if your interested, in a future release they will do a yield option on bitcoin too.

Link below is the app roadmap

In a few weeks they will do a new lower tier premium plan - if you lock away a small amount of money in their token CHSB you will get a higher yield and reduced buying fees... this will make this app take off and also the CHSB will become more popular - aim is to be the wealth management app of choice in Europe..

Good Luck :-)

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