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Engines 13.08.2008 12:55

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card
Thanks all for advise re Visa cards :-

Anyone have any experience with Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card?

Do these work in Petrol pumps or only for cash withdrawals?

seb23 13.08.2008 13:01

Re: Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card
I had one when I went travelling last year. They work in certain hole in the wall machines but not all. I think there is a guide somewhere which tells you where you can withdraw cash in each country. Mine couldn't be used for petrol. Maybe there are different types. To my knowledge they are not like debit or credit cards where you can pay for things. I could only take money out of a machine.

LaurenM 13.08.2008 13:08

Re: Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card
Try Visca cards. I got mine through my cantonal bank. The only problem I have is that it takes about 7 business to show your deposit. But since I know when my travel days are, that usually isn't a problem.

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