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Johnthegrocer 12.10.2021 16:33

Freezing C Permit & End of Service
Hi All,

I am thinking of leaving Switzerland for a job for a couple of years.

I will receive a lump sum payment of end-of-service benefits from the employer early next year.

Given, I will not have tax residency in Switzerland next year, I was wondering about the tax implication if any on this lump sum payment.


Medea Fleecestealer 12.10.2021 17:05

Re: Freezing C Permit & End of Service
You'd need to talk to your commune/gemeinde about whether they'd allow you to freeze your permit or not. Usual reasons for doing so are because your employer sends you on assignment to another country, study abroad, etc. Leaving your job and getting a new one abroad could make it tricky.

Johnthegrocer 12.10.2021 17:07

Re: Freezing C Permit & End of Service
Thank you Medea. I was planning to definitely ask. The above question was in the light that my permit can be frozen. If not, I will just leave Switzerland.


Island Monkey 12.10.2021 17:09

Re: Freezing C Permit & End of Service
I believe they make you fill in a tax return before they deregister you.

Medea Fleecestealer 12.10.2021 17:36

Re: Freezing C Permit & End of Service
Also not sure, but if you've just got the C permit they may not freeze it. After all your centre of life is supposed to be here, not abroad.

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