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alanmack 18.12.2008 12:36

Howto buy US dollars

Seeing as the dollar has just recently started to drop dramatically against the franc I was thinking of buying maybe 3-5 thousand dollars for a trip I am going to take to the states next summer.

Whats the best way to buy dollars now in order to spend later?

Should I get a US dollar account with UBS? And then transfer the funds from my CHF account? And how much would the US account cost?

Cheers for any help on this,

Scott 18.12.2008 12:46

Re: Howto buy US dollars

Accounts cost (unless you have half a million already stashed there).

For spending in the states, I used Travel Cash. Easy and accepted
at all bank ATMs in the states. Some ATMs charged 2-3 $ for the
transaction... no problem, worth it!

Loaded my card with $5k, worked like a charm.

tomcat 18.12.2008 12:49

Re: Howto buy US dollars
consider www.xe.com for your forex needs

happy customer, no vested interest

markalex 18.12.2008 13:49

Re: Howto buy US dollars
Seen this company around for a few years...


alanmack 18.12.2008 14:14

Re: Howto buy US dollars
Another point is that I would like to buy a couple of big ticket items in dollars, but I wont be buying them untill next summer (some mountain bikes). I'll be paying by wire transfer.

But I'd like to buy the dollars now (seeing as we're getting close to franc-dollar parity), and justhave them sitting around, and in May wire the money to the supplier in the states.

For this it seems best to use a USD account right?

markalex 18.12.2008 15:36

Re: Howto buy US dollars
A USD account in the UK is free, although you pay to transfer money here or there. Shop around en Suisse, somebody like HSBC might be a good option. Know that UBS will charge you for a US dollar account, perhaps Credit Suisse also.

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