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rogatronic 16.09.2009 17:37

Proposals by telephone to buy stock or other values.
Hello Everyone !:)

I would like to warn everyone here about the following :
For the last couple of years I am regularly being called at my office and at home in Switzerland by various "brokers" trying to sell shares in various startups, or sometimes "gold options" or "carbon credits" .... :mad::mad::mad::mad:

These guys are always pretending to be calling from various foreign countries such as Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, France, ...

I have NEVER sent any Centime to these guys, but most of the time it appears that this is all just fake, companies are purely fictive, it is all made up with various Web-Sites on Internet and "press - releases" in order to fool people...

And, YES !!! these guys are VERY insisting and persuasive. And yes, checking various forums one can see many vicims have lost fortunes sending money to their bank accounts in Taiwan, Cyprus, Hong Kong, (banks always in other countries than where these crooks pretend to be located) ...

Most of the time you first get a phone call from someone "making a survey", asking some basic questions about investment habits. Then the fake "broker" calls saying that he is "not trying to sell anything", and just need some more information from you. Then he calls back some days later having suddenly a "fantastic opportunity" in which to invest immediately.

Such "companies" that have been calling me and others are the following :

Unicorn Ventures
Artemis Financial
CLT Solutions
North Point Capital
Westernfield Holdings
World Wide Wealth Management
Capital Sys
The Stern Group
Hawkins & Doyle
Fosse mckenzie-financial


I just would like to say here : STAY AWAY from so-called brokers who call you at home or at work out of the blue :msnmad:. You might just loose everything you send to them.

Victims are telling their stories in various blogs :

Just google - search :

arnaque artemis
migger unicorn ventures

Anyone else here receiving these calls ? Hope most of you people don't get fooled.:(

16.09.2009 21:25

Re: Proposals by telephone to buy stock or other values.

Originally Posted by rogatronic (Post 551661)
Anyone else here receiving these calls ? Hope most of you people don't get fooled.:(

Sorry, not interested.. "click" buzzzzzzzzzzzz....

where's the problem..?

Doctor 16.09.2009 21:38

Re: Proposals by telephone to buy stock or other values.

I had the pleasure as well. At first i was polite (just in case, it was a customer), and answered his questions, that our manager was not there, and asked if i could help instead, and then it was difficult to get out of the conversation. I hung up on him, and immediately our receptionist had him on the phone and would transfer him, where i asked her, to tell him, i just left. She hung up on him 2 or 3 times later that day.

rogatronic 17.09.2009 08:40

Re: Proposals by telephone to buy stock or other values.
Glad to see most people here don't get fooled:).

I have also never been caught by these guys:).

:msnsad:However some people have, just see the complaints from victims on various forums and blogs:msnsad:.

As these "advisors" keep calling me regularly, instead of hanging up I have found some amusement in listening to what they offer in order to report to authorities (Commission Fédérale des Banques, Chambre de Commerce...) and to warn people against them in as many blogs and forums I have found relevant. In most cases it has turned out these "companies" are purely fictive, nobody knows where these guys call from in reality, no commerce registry registration where they pretend to be located. Addresses either purely fictive or they are just "hosted" by some telephone answering / transfer service and P.O box service shop.

Just one trick when they call : ask for their VAT registration number. If they are unable to provide, it means their "company" is just non-existing:p.

And by the way most of the time they call from "hidden numbers" (your telephone mentions "unknown caller" instead of showing the number of the one calling you, if your phone has this feature).

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