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SherryLady 04.03.2010 08:38

Currency exchange question
Hi there just a question from a confused girl.

I want to change 1000chf to euros and wanted to know how to go about it.
Should I do the exchange at my bank,
At a travilex in airport,
At a bank or exchange shop once I arrive in the country, or any other ways that I have not thought of :)

Thanks for your help

glendamwm 04.03.2010 08:48

Re: Currency exchange question
Do you have bank card here? If so then withdraw euros from machine! :)

22 yards 04.03.2010 08:50

Re: Currency exchange question
All of those ways work. Just compare the exchange rates and fees to figure out the best deal for you. Sorry, can't get more specific than that as I don't know what the deals are like wherever you are.

Carlos R 04.03.2010 08:56

Re: Currency exchange question
Whichever way you do it someone somewhere will get their cut, so I wouldn't waste too much time looking for the best rate.

IMO banks are slightly more transparent than money exchange outfits.

I tend to pitch up and whichever airport I've landed at and head for the nearest cashpoint and get enough money out.

As glendamwm said you can also get Euros out at many cashpoints in CH.

GJOOFR 04.03.2010 12:19

Re: Currency exchange question
SBB (the railway company) is another option.

Uncle Max 04.03.2010 12:22

Re: Currency exchange question
Which €uros do you need? German? French? Don't get the Greek ones, they're rubbish at the moment. I'd say get the Italian Euro, as they're generally far more pleasant to spend on shoes and drinking good coffee while sitting at a marina.

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