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tubbz 13.10.2010 21:21

Tax consequences in Zurich
I have been extremely delayed in paying my cantonal taxes- I am back now in the U.S. Does anyone know the process of what happens when taxes aren't paid/are paid late?
Message me as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

jaudi 13.10.2010 22:02

Re: Tax consequences in Zurich
I believe the Swiss authorities take an extremely dim view of US nationals not correctly declaring and paying taxes...or was it .... ?

Mowvich 13.10.2010 22:10

Re: Tax consequences in Zurich
Normally they will send it to porsuite, you can call them, give them the reference number, tell them you had an issue to pay and arrange a date for payment, this normally works.

For your info, there's lots of people who have problems paying taxes, so it's not like a major problem as long as you agree to pay.

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