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Schukin 02.11.2010 06:55

Einzelfirma with Sans Activite permit L
Read through all relevant posts and still see no answer... Actually, lot of answers but not 100% relevant to my case :)

I have short term, valid till next summer permit L - Sans Activite (without gainful activity). I understand, that I cursed can't be employed.

From other side - I have several web-sites on which I plan to make direct sales of advertising and, therefore, want to have ability to issue invoices and receive payments to the bank. Customers are mostly abroad.

So, questions:

1) Am I allowed this type of activity in Switzerland (or should be absolutely lazy - only travel, night clubs and casinos are allowed :) ) ? Should I apply for other permit type?
2) Can I establish Einzelfirma / Entreprise individuelle and have it registered?
3) Do I need to open separate bank account for the Einzelfirma or it is OK (and needed) to use personal one?
4) I have some outsourced people abroad. Is it OK for Einzelfirma (invoices would be for services)? Could it be treated as hiring people?

Thanks for answers.

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