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Nanda 11.11.2005 12:53

Ethnic Grocery Stores
I posted this in the restaurants thread but thought it might worth starting a new thread. Never know what's hidden.


New Asia Market
Feldstrasse 24
+41 44 241 80 00

It's the biggest I know in Zurich. Relatively new.

Thanh Hung Import + Export AG,
Wehntalerstr. 280, 8046 Zürich
Tel. 01-371 38 77, Fax 01-371 39 55

They do have lots and I go here quite often.


Aggarwal Indian Food
Langstr. 62
8004 Zürich ZH 044 241 28 79

mark 12.11.2005 17:01

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Hi Nanda,

Excellent tips - and you did the right thing to post these things into new threads (otherwise you get one huge thread that gets out of control).

When you post something which is going to stay as a permanent tip, try to also pepper a few keywords around the stuff you are writing - in other words dress it up a little so that when google comes to visit it can figure out the subject and context of what you are posting, thay way there will be more people turning up your posts in google.

Keep them coming!

Charlie 15.11.2005 17:14

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
There is also a Asian (Indian/Sri Lanka) shop in Rapperswil... imports everything any budding chef needs to make a damn good curry!

Nanda 21.11.2005 13:41

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
I just came across this list.

The good people who do indian cookery cooking classes have it on their website: http://www.indiancookerylessons.com/usefullinks.html

They seem to do well with their cooking classes.

I can also definitely recommend classes at www.laughinglemon.ch
They have great food classes and wine tasting classes which also includes the basics in food-wine matching. I've been to a few of their sessions and they've great so I keep going back. The cost is actually quite good for what you get - a three course meal with great wine at the end.

Their website also has informative links on where to get what when and where.

~ Nanda.

Nanda 22.11.2005 11:57

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Just an update. Finally found out about this Turkish shop in Oerlikon that I've heard about. Jack from Laughing Lemon posted this on the expats list.


Alkan Comestibles
Nansenstrasse 4

This is a small side street that is across from the Marktplatz. The store specializes in Turkish and Lebanese products. It is the best place in the area to buy feta cheese (make sure you buy the vacuum-packed ones and not the pre-packaged and labeled variety). The meat here is also quite good, and is a great place to source chicken, lamb, and veal. Neither the husband nor the wife speak english, so basic german skills are necessary if you have questions...

happy shopping...

Nanda 04.12.2005 13:00

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Just wanted to add info this Argentinian grocery store/butchers that I received. I've ended up passing this info around, so thought this might be a good place to stick it. This is near Rennweg tram stop, Zurich City.

"The shop is called OJO DE AGUA. They sell lot of argentinean stuff , including beef. It is on Oetenbachgasse 13. "

~ Nanda.

Nanda 19.01.2006 17:59

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Thought I'd add info about the only Mexican grocery place I know that's on Josefstrasse, stone's throw from the Zurich Hbf.

Shop info and also for their online shop: http://www.elmaiz.ch

~ Nanda.

mark 19.01.2006 18:06

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Hey Nanda,

You certainly seem to know what's going on... when are you inviting us all for dinner? :D

Nanda 19.01.2006 18:14

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Heh, the only time I went here was to get ingredients for this mexican chocolate chilli chicken recipe that I got from all places, Burke's Backyard!! Needless to say, it was a lot of work for something to us, tasted weird. Of course, most of it would've had to do with my cooking ;) But it tasted way better (read: edible) than my first go at this Mole - with normal chocolate (it seemed the recipe assumed I knew not to use sweetened chocolate!).
That was my go at making a 'special' birthday dinner for someone who had to go hungry.

mark 21.01.2006 16:52

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
I found an Asian grocery place located in picturesque Dietlikon. It's just behind the building at Neue Winterthurerstrasse 30, 8305 Dietlikon. Just another place for the list.

I also drove past a little take-away place just near the Landesmuseum, right near the bridge that crosses the Limmat by the HBF. A sign said that the serve Dim Sum as takeaway. It was closed though (well it was Saturday 13:30) but maybe I should check it out another time if I get the chance.


Nanda 22.01.2006 12:15

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores

Originally Posted by mark

I also drove past a little take-away place just near the Landesmuseum, right near the bridge that crosses the Limmat by the HBF. A sign said that the serve Dim Sum as takeaway. It was closed though (well it was Saturday 13:30) but maybe I should check it out another time if I get the chance.


I've tried that Dim Sum take-away place. It didn't inspire me to go back though ...

Richard 22.01.2006 14:51

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
A while ago I worked in Hohlstrasse Altstetten right by Europabrucke... Just there there was an Indian shop which also had an Indian "take away". It was the best place I knew to get good priced rice (25Kg bags though :-) ) and the fulll range of spices. The take away food was awesome but really home market stuff. If any of you have been to and eaten in Bradford you will know what I mean. Proper Indian food run by proper Indians not made for the home market at all. Richard

Nanda 30.01.2006 16:49

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Just heard that a branch from the Asian store on Bernina platz has opened up a very short walk away from Bhf Wiedikon.

Lian Hua Asiatische Lebensmittel

Birmensdorferstrasse 94
8003 Zürich

The address for the one in Berninaplatz:

Lian Hua Asiatische Lebensmittel
Schaffhauserstrasse 269
8057 Zurich

This is across the road from the tram stop: Berninaplatz for trams 14 and 10.

They have a selection for asian-indian powders, pastes and rice as well as crockery things.

~ Nanda.

runway 10.02.2006 12:35

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Nobody mentioned Nishi's Japan Shop, a good place (maybe the only place) to get Japanese groceries and knick-knacks. It's near Irchelpark, between Milchbuck and Guggachstrasse tram stops: Schaffhauserstrasse 120.

ghengis 05.03.2006 17:34

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Hi all
There is a small Indian store on Universitätsstrasse in Zurich called "Partho Stores", named after the owner's son. Mrs. Bannerjee, who owns it also cooks take aways and I personally find the food cheap and almost of the home cooked variety :-)

For grocery, around Langstrasse:

1) Aggarwal's Indian and Oriental specialities
Langstrasse 62
8004 Zürich/ZH
044 241 28 79

Around Aggarwal's there are many Indian, bangladeshi, Pakistani and
Sri Lanksn stores as well.

Around Stampenbach/Zurich HB:

2) Narinder Nath
India Gate Oriental Store
Beckenhofstrasse 16
8006 Zürich/ZH

3) Bombay Store, just off the Central Stop.

Personally I dont find the Bombay store too convenient (limited
India Gate is moderately well stocked with spices and other stuff.
The owner is also friendly and sometimes makes fresh rotis and
chappatis for me since I smile nicely :-)
Aggarwal is almost a one-stop shopping stop.:-)
The Bangladeshi store off Stauffacher tram stop is good if you want
some home style fish ( albeit frozen) :-) Of couse they do not taste
even nearly the same since they come over frozen but, if you are a
Bengali ( which probably you are not, bless you :-)), you could not
care less :-)...once you see a Hilsa fish after 5 years in the
schweiz, your emotions take over and you don't really stop to think
if its fresh or not :-)

Angelpop 07.03.2006 11:00

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores

I'm of indian origin so I found this thread particularly interesting..There are a couple of indian grocery stores in Lausanne too, they are both more or less next door to each other (I think one of them is an Aggarwal's). To get to them you have to take the back exit of Lausanne train station go down the car park steps and once outside on the pavement turn left and walk straight for about five minutes and you'll see them both.

That reminds me, there is an indian vegetarian traiteur on the same road but on the other side which is before the two grocery stores - it's called Dhanyaa (I think they have a website - just do a google search).

There is also an indian take out/grocery store called Shiva's higher up in Lausanne, I've never tried it but their menu looks good (do a google search again for their website) thing is when I tried to order they were damn rude on the phone so I never rang back and went to my local chinese instead!!!

Bon appetit!

Syshack 08.03.2006 10:09

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Hello everybody,

There is a Greek store in Schlieren at the Gaswerkstrasse (that's near the McDonalds at Bernstrasse on the other side of the road), where I get my Greek food supplies from.
It's AFAIK the biggest supplier for Greek restaurants all over Switzerland, but they offer their groceries to private people as well. If you're looking e.g. for Kalamata olives in bulk, that's the place to go.
The also have a (German) online shop where you can have a look what they offer:


nina_guha 15.03.2006 17:45

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Since Nanda posted the link from the ICL website (listing some Asian/Indian stores in Zürich), I must have added more pages on. Asian/Indian shops were previously listed on my 'useful link' page but are now on the 'shop addresses' page. Here's the new link - for those interested:


Opening-closing times, telephone numbers and directions are listed too. I'll add some more that have been mentioned here. Thanks!


An Luan 06.06.2006 12:16

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Hi nanda,

I am new to this forum but already been here in zurich for 6 months now. I came across this link while surfing for asian grocery stores in zurich. anyway, i tried to go to Lian Hua at Wiedikon, however, I could not locate the store as there\s no 46 at Birmensdorfer strasse. Could you please confirm the address? Thanks

Nanda 06.06.2006 12:30

Re: Ethnic Grocery Stores
Hi An,

Oh, I am sorry. I just checked Nina's address on :


and she has the address as:

Asiatische Lebensmittel
Birmensdorferstrasse 94
8003 Zürich

I can't remember where I got the wrong address from, but it's most likely from a directory as I was looking for the address of the one in Berninaplatz.

I'm really sorry about this. Hope you had a nice trip to Wiedikon anyway. I am now going to change the address in the post.

~ Nanda.

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