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swisspea 24.09.2015 14:56

Chocolate 'Mud' Cake

A while back I found a chocolate cake - I think it could have been Migros - that was very similar/same as what we would call 'chocolate mud cake' in Australia.

Does anyone know what it is ?

They don't sell it in our local (large) Migros, but I seem to remember it may have been from their 'selection' range...

I need one for Saturday for my daughter's 16th Birthday :D

Guest 24.09.2015 15:12

Re: Chocolate 'Mud' Cake
No cake from Migros advice, but two recipes:

Mississippi cake by Betty Bossi - Choc cake with choc bars inside, as chocolatey as it gets :D

Sven Epiney cake - chocolate cake in 11 mins.

Enjoy :msntongue:

Panther 24.09.2015 15:58

Re: Chocolate 'Mud' Cake
The Migros Chocolate cake makes a moist chocolaty cake. I have never had a mud cake, so I cant tell you if it compares well.

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