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Heyhey 17.10.2015 22:27

Dim Sum in Lausanne
Are there any good dim sum restaurants in Lausanne and Geneva? I only know Le Mandarin and would like to try different ones..

Thank you so much! :msngrin::msngrin:

vuachère 17.10.2015 23:38

Re: Dim Sum in Lausanne
Not as much choice as in Le Mandarin, but you can try Chez Xu (both in Tunnel and Petit Chene) or Au Canard Pekinois (Chauderon). If you like Le Mandarin, you might probably be more comfortable at Au Canard.

Heyhey 18.10.2015 22:24

Re: Dim Sum in Lausanne
Thank you! Let me go and try tomorrow! :msngrin:

vuachère 18.10.2015 22:34

Re: Dim Sum in Lausanne
For both Chez Xus, I would strongly recommend reserving a table beforehand! Both places tend to be packed to the extent that people queue up!

oosoo 19.10.2015 14:51

Re: Dim Sum in Lausanne
I have only been to Le Madarin, but it is really good! Envy those in Geneva, while I haven't found any good options here in Zurich :(

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