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fulkast 18.07.2017 12:19

Turkey Season in Zurich
I know we've got quite a few months to go, still, I was wondering what EF'ers from the Americas do for Thanksgiving. Where can one pick up the bird, the cranberries etc.?

Guest 18.07.2017 12:21

Re: Turkey Season in Zurich
Migros and Coop stock turkeys and cranberries in time for the season, and for Christmas, too. I guess they spotted an expat-sized gap in the market... :D

fulkast 18.07.2017 12:28

Re: Turkey Season in Zurich
Nice! Does EF organize some events for the season as well?

st2lemans 18.07.2017 12:31

Re: Turkey Season in Zurich
You can generally get fresh turkeys year round if you order them with a week's notice.


Corbets 18.07.2017 13:03

Re: Turkey Season in Zurich

Just saying. ;) Birds are everywhere that time of year, and any of the larger supermarkets will have what you need. If you truly want some of the, um, American staples like Betty Crocker muffins, you can get them from afoodave.ch - but order months in advance!

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